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Keynote Speakers

We are so excited to announce our keynote speakers for The Promise Summit!

meredith knox - meredith has nearly 10 years of experience preaching the gospel and teaching the Bible to students. she has a great passion for the church and invests her time and energy into building god’s kingdom, believing that can only be done with the insight of the Holy Spirit and a good bit of humor. meredith serves as part of the teaching team for fuse student minsitry at newspring church. she has a deep love for country music, a strong desire to work on her shoe game, and enjoys pizza for dinner.

barrett & jenifer johnson - barrett & jen live in atlanta, Georgia and are the founders of info for families, a non profit organization serving regular people from imperfect families! They have 5 children, one of which is adopted, and 3 grandchildren. you are going to be laughing the entire time through their talk about sex in marriage and how to have a healthy relationship during stressful situations.

jessica satterfield - jessica lives in South Carolina with her life crush, brandon, and their two heart grown children, selah and micah. she is also called “mama” by her spunky eight year old foster son. she is the founder of a ministry called The Garden taht empowers and supports women walking through infertility, miscarriage, infant loss, and adoption. you are bound to be encouraged by her sweet spirit and powerful words.

macie perreault - macie lives in charlotte, North Carolina with her husband greg, and 3 children. they adopted their son judah in 2017 and since then macie has started adoptwell, an online education resource for adoptive families. macie has such a heart to educate adoptive families by creating a space where we can intentionally hear from voices of all members of the adoption triad. you are not going to want to miss hearing from her at the summit!

Adoptive Parent & Birth Mother Interview

we are pumped about the opportunity to hear directly from a birth mother and adoptive mother on how they navigate their open adoption. You don’t want to miss out on this important live interview with adoptive mother, Janelle Perusi, & her child’s birth mother, Emily Kampen.


Panel Speakers

You’ll also Have the opportunity to hear from our panel of adoptive families, adoptees, and birth mothers representing all sides of the adoption triad.