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Do the expectant parents have separate legal representation from the hopeful adoptive parents

Expectant mothers who work with our agency are offered separate legal representation, but not required to have it.

We have a network of attorneys with whom we work and offer expectant mothers representation via any of these attorneys or the attorney of their choosing.

what help and services are being offered to expectant mothers in the hospital?

Our agency ensures the social worker who has been holding her hand throughout the process is available to be at the hospital if desired, to provide emotional support.

If the expectant mother desires counseling while in the hospital we arrange that service for her.

The expectant mother completes a hospital plan and her wishes are adhered to in terms of her desire to see the adoptive parents, desire to see the baby, her interactions with hospital staff, etc.

Does the expectant mother get to choose her own doctor?

Expectant mothers absolutely get to choose their own medical providers, including an OBGYN they are most comfortable with.

Do we fly expectant parents to another state to place their child?

No, our agency believes that is highly unethical.

are both expectant parents notified of the PREGNANCY? If so, how are they notified?

South Carolina has very specific statutes regarding biological father rights. Quiver Full Adoptions does not have an attorney on staff at our agency, therefore, we do not give legal advice regarding biological father rights. The attorney that the adoptive family retains will assess the situation and determine if it is required by law to notify the biological father of his rights.

If notice to the biological father is appropriate, it is done so in a manner determined on a case-by-case basis, based on the unique circumstances involved with each situation.

are both expectant parents choosing adoption? If not, why?

This depends wholly on whether or not the biological father is involved in the adoption plan.

have expectant parents been given education and resources to parent if they choose?

Quiver Full Adoptions, Inc. offers all expectant mothers education and resources on parenting if they choose to parent.

Are expectant parents receiving counseling prior to placing?

Counseling is offered to all expectant parents in every situation, both pre and post placement. Expectant parents are in contact with a social worker who also provides support throughout the adoption process.

Are there POST-PLACEMENT services & support in place for biological parents? If so, what services are offered, how long are they offered, and are they free?

Our agency has been certified by Lifetime Healing on post placement care. We provide monthly support groups as well as lifetime counseling free of charge with any licensed counselor. To learn more about our ARROW Post-Placement program, check out this video.

do you facilitate open adoption agreements?

As South Carolina law does not provide for enforcement for an open adoption, we encourage both parties to have an open adoption agreement, to be clear with each other regarding their intentions and expectations so everyone is on the same page; however, we do not feel it is ethical to have attorneys draw up an agreement that would imply to the expectant parent that something is legally enforceable that is not.

Our agency educates our adoptive parents on the necessity of re-evaluating annually the open adoption agreement made with their children’s biological parents.

We encourage direct communication between adoptive parents and their child’s biological parents.

Do you encourage open adoption with all parties?

Yes! Quiver Full Adoptions, Inc. works with hopeful adoptive parents who desire an open adoption with at least one annual visit at a minimum.

can you give us a detailed breakdown of adoption expenses?

Expectant Parents will never pay anything for an adoption. All services are free of charge to Expectant Families and Birth Families.

Our Hopeful Adoptive Family Cost Breakdown is listed below:

Agency Fees: $7,500 flat fee paid upon becoming an approval of your application to become an active client with Quiver Full Adoptions, Inc.

Continuation Fee: After one year of being active, the parties may continue the Term in accordance with paragraph 1(a) upon the payment of $1,500.

Medical/Social Fee: $300 per Medical/Social history performed by a caseworker at Quiver Full Adoptions, Inc. In the case of both biological parents involvement in the adoption plan, there will be a Medical/Social history performed for both the biological mother and biological father resulting in a $600 fee.

NON-REFUNDABLE.  Any/all fees paid to Quiver Full Adoptions, Inc. are NON-REFUNDABLE. Quiver Full Adoptions, Inc. does not charge per birth mother situation. In the event that a client has not had a successful adoption after one year, there will be a Continuation Fee We agree to pay the fees due and understand it is non-refundable should we decide not to adopt, pursue another adoption situation through another agency, facilitator, consultant, attorney, or any other means, or become pregnant.

Legal Fees:  Legal services must be contracted separately with a qualified adoption lawyer chosen by the AP. The fees for those services are not included in the agency fees and are subject to any agreement between the AP and their chosen lawyer. QFA will make a referral to a qualified adoption lawyer, although the family is free to choose another lawyer to assist in the completion of the adoption.

Expectant Mother Expenses.  In some instances, the expectant mother will incur expenses as part of the adoption process. These expenses are not included in the agency fee; however, any/all expectant mother expenses paid are at risk, and if the adoption is not successful, the expectant mother is not obligated to repay the AP. The AP; however, are obligated to pay any/all expenses incurred for the expectant mom or expectant mother they are or were matched with. All expectant mother expenses incurred in the case of a disrupted adoption must be paid in full before AP may be presented to any other potential expectant mother situation. All expectant mother expenses in the case of a successful adoption must be paid in full before scheduling the final court date.

Can you break down what’s covered by the agency fee?

Agency Fee: $7,500 flat fee paid upon becoming an active client with Quiver Full Adoptions, Inc. This fee includes the following:

  • the first 12 months of advertising,

  • website design,

  • purchase of URL,

  • pass along cards design & printing,

  • social media setup and management,

  • access to our staff for support and education throughout the adoption journey,

  • and lifetime post placement support, including lifetime counseling by a licensed counselor.

is there a matching fee? if so, why?

Quiver Full Adoptions, Inc. does not match or have a matching fee—we empower expectant mothers to choose the adoptive family they feel a connection with.

how much of the money i pay is “at risk” if a biological mother or father chooses to parent?

If an adoption is disrupted at any point in the process, the only money “at risk” would be any moneys paid toward expectant mother expenses. Some attorney fees are also at risk, but that differs depending on the attorney you choose and their policies.

are medical expenses being covered by medicaid or insurance? What medical expenses will the adoptive family be responsible for?

No adoptive family is billed for medical expenses if the expectant mother qualifies for Medicaid. If the expectant mother is insured privately, the adoptive family is responsible for paying any medical bills, copays, and/or deductibles not covered by insurance. If an expectant mother has no insurance, the hopeful adoptive family would be responsible for 100% of the expectant mother’s medical bills.

Our agency helps our expectant mothers find out if they qualify for Medicaid, and if they do we help them with the application process.

how much is being spent on expectant mother expenses?

Our agency pays specific needs versus charging a bulk flat fee for expectant mothers, so if a utility bill is $101.55 we pay the utility company directly and then invoice the hopeful adoptive family to reimburse the agency for that exact amount (no mark-ups). Our adoptive families always know exactly where the expectant parent expenses are going as well as the exact amount. We do not begin paying expenses until around 20 weeks gestation, and try to stay under $1200 a month—but again it is based entirely off of the expectant parent’s need assessment so they may need much less than that.

how are expectant parent expenses being paid?

Quiver Full Adoptions, Inc. does a needs assessment upon intake with all of our expectant mothers where we determine what her specific needs are. We never pay the expectant mother directly, but instead pay her bills directly to the source. For example: if rent is a need, we would require a lease agreement and pay a landlord directly. Our agency requires the adoptive family, that the expectant mother chooses, begin paying expenses immediately after being chosen (if expenses are needed) and up until 6-8 weeks postpartum.

Are expectant parents given a lump sum in cash or check at any point?

No, our agency believes that is highly unethical.

do you require educational classes for hopeful adoptive families?

Quiver Full Adoptions, Inc. requires ALL hopeful adoptive families enroll in Lifetime Healing’s Back to Basics class. You can find out more about those classes here.

are resources available for me to learn more about open adoption relationships?

Yes, to get started we encourage everyone to check out the following blog posts:

What states do you work in?

We can work with expectant mothers in any state.

We are able to work with adoptive families in most states. Contact us to find out if we can work with your state. 

Are you an agency, consultant, or facilitator?

Quiver Full is a licensed child placing agency located in South Carolina. This means we can match adoptive families with expectant mamas as long as one or both are located in South Carolina. If both the expectant mama and adoptive family are out of South Carolina, we can still work with the adoptive family throughout the entire adoption; however, we will bring an attorney in at the time of match to assist with communication with the expectant mama.  

Why Quiver Full?

The name Quiver Full comes from Psalm 127: 4-5, "Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!" We believe children are a blessing and pursuing adoption in order to grow your family is a beautiful thing! 

We are not a part of the quiver full movement—we actually had no clue what this even was until we started getting asked this question. 

average cost?

There is no cost for an expectant mama to make an adoption plan.

For hopeful adoptive parents, the average domestic infant adoption is $40,000—which breaks our hearts. Our average adoption at QFA is $20,000 and even our highest adoption is well under the national average. Quiver Full's average adoption cost includes the agency and attorney fees, expectant mother expenses, and the home study fees. One thing to keep in mind that can make an adoption more costly is if the expectant mother is out of state and located in a state where it's required to have legal representation in both states—the state you're located in as well as the state she is.

Do you have to return to SC to finalize? How many months to finalize in SC?

Yes! SC requires that adoptive families finalize in SC. You would have to return to SC between 90-180 days to finalize in court.

Do I have to have a completed home study before signing with you?

Our policy is that all hopeful adoptive families must have a completed home study before becoming active with Quiver Full Adoptions. We do not need a completed home study to put you on the waitlist. If you need help finding a home study provider in your area, please email

We are home study approved through the state. Will this home study be sufficient for your agency?

Unfortunately, most states do not release the home studies they provide to foster/adoptive homes who intended to adopt through the state. It is likely they will only release part of your home study and not the entire home study. If they will release the entire home study, then yes, it would be fine to use your home study.

Our home study is good for 2 years, will we have to get it done every twelve months like South Carolina requires? Why?

Quiver Full Adoptions, Inc. is a licensed adoption agency in the state of South Carolina, which means all home study documents, clearances, reports and visits must be updated every 12 months in order to remain an active client. In the event an active client allows any part of their home study to expire (older than 12 months) they will be put on hold until it is updated.