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What states do you work in?

We can work with expectant mothers in any state.

We are able to work with adoptive families in most states. Contact us for a specific list. 

Are you an agency, consultant, or facilitator?

Quiver Full is a licensed child placing agency located in South Carolina. This means we can match adoptive families with expectant mamas as long as one or both are located in South Carolina. If both the expectant mama and adoptive family are out of South Carolina, we can still work with the adoptive family throughout the entire adoption; however, we will bring an attorney in at the time of match to assist with communication with the expectant mama.  

Why Quiver Full?

The name Quiver Full comes from Psalm 127: 4-5, "Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!" We believe children are a blessing and pursuing adoption in order to grow your family is a beautiful thing! 

We are not a part of the quiver full movement—we actually had no clue what this even was until we started getting asked this question. 

average cost?

There is no cost for an expectant mama to make an adoption plan.

For hopeful adoptive parents, the average domestic infant adoption is $40,000—which breaks our hearts. Our average adoption at QFA is $20,000 and even our highest adoption is well under the national average. Quiver Full's average adoption cost includes the agency and attorney fees, expectant mother expenses, and the home study fees. One thing to keep in mind that can make an adoption more costly is if the expectant mother is out of state and located in a state where it's required to have legal representation in both states—the state you're located in as well as the state she is.


Our adoptive families have had an average of 121 days from going "active" until matching. We have had families match in as little as 1 day, as well as families who are still waiting after 1 year of actively pursuing an expectant mama. We believe that the Lord's timing is perfect, and that each day of the wait is preparing our families to be exactly the mama and daddy their baby is going to need them to be. The national average wait time is 2 years, and we recommend everyone begin the adoption process expecting that time frame.