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What Adoption Looks Like With Quiver Full Adoptions

This is a guest post written by Lauren Connelly.

Everyone pictures adoption differently.

And I can promise you that Quiver Full Adoptions knows that very well.

Some know of adoption as a way of fulfilling their desire to continue growing their family after already having biological children. Others grip tightly to adoption as their last hope of starting a family. And many others look at it as a way of giving their baby a better life.

All of these scenarios are welcomed into the office of Quiver Full Adoptions in Greenville, South Carolina. Elizabeth Bordeaux and Casey Brown from Quiver Full Adoptions believe the Lord provides a family to people in so many more ways than biologically.

Both Elizabeth and Casey have witnessed adoption through their own eyes as adoptive moms. They have shared their stories on their very own podcast called The Quiver Full Adoptions Podcast.

I was lucky enough to meet Elizabeth in person in their adorable office off of Pettigru Street in Greenville, South Carolina.

After chatting with Elizabeth, I learned that Quiver Full Adoptions has elevated the world of adoption especially here in South Carolina.

Quiver Full Adoptions was started by Elizabeth Bordeaux and Casey Brown right after they went through their own season of adoption. On the podcast, they talk about how their stories of adoption are different from each other. Out of all the differences, one of the main similarities is how excruciating it is to wait every day for a potential expectant mother to call. The average adoption process is two years long.

Quiver Full Adoptions is the top agency in South Carolina for ethical adoptions. This means that resources are offered to everyone involved in the adoption process. This includes parents hoping to adopt, families on the waitlist, and expectant mothers interested in placing their child for adoption. They excel at offering support to both parties before and after the adoption process. For example, Quiver Full Adoptions welcomes all expectant mothers, from their agency and any other, to their monthly Birth Mom Support Group. They gather to bond over and understand what adoption looks like from a biological mother perspective.

In addition, they also offer a Facebook Live bible study to their active adoptive families. These are families who have completed a home study and waiting to be chosen by an expectant mother. Quiver Full Adoptions truly supports each person involved in the adoption process.

All adoptions that take place at Quiver Full are open adoptions. This decision was made by Elizabeth and Casey after researching benefits of open adoptions opposed to closed adoptions. This gives expectant mothers and adoptive parents the chance to build a relationship any way they want. After talking to Elizabeth, it seemed that most families are eager to accept their child’s birth mother into their family!

Lastly, adoption is a journey that not only demands patience but is overlooked because it demands financial stability. Quiver Full Adoptions makes adoption a possibility for many by cutting the cost in half from $40,000 to $25,000. While talking to Elizabeth, she talked about how in the beginning their goal was to make adoption reachable for those who are called to adopt. They have been able to eliminate overhead costs that result in a positive and affordable road to adoption for their clients.

The amazing part about Quiver Full Adoptions is they are truly answering the Lord’s calling. Both Elizabeth and Casey understand the courage it takes to share a story of loss and disappointment, but they’ve graciously turned it into guiding others who are facing similar struggles. All of this information is just a small snippet of what really happens at Quiver Full Adoptions.

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