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God's Promise

Waiting On The Rain

Sometimes I feel so silly as I prepare for our future baby. We are putting up a crib, buying things, doing fundraisers- all because we believe in God's promise to give us a child. I've compared this to feeling like Noah building the ark. He believed in God's promise of the coming flood and, in faith, he wanted to be ready. Were there times when he looked at this huge boat on dry land and thought, "What am I doing?" Or, as he shuffled his animals onboard two by two, did he say, "Please, God, help me to understand your plan." Or did he just keep faithfully working, knowing that God follows through on His promises? This nursery is our ark. Every diaper, every bib, every tiny sock is a sign of our faithfulness. We believe that God has hand selected a baby just for us. So, here we are, friends. Just waiting on the rain. 

*Post contributed by previous client, Jessica Donnahoo.